The Meridian

Located in historic Wellfleet harbor, the Meridian is a modern twist on the traditional Cape Cod seafood shack offering a world-class raw bar, an award-winning seafood kitchen and a curated cocktail menu highlighting local spirits. Nutrient-rich coastal waters paired with Wellfleet's fast moving tides produce some of the most sought after shellfish in the world. For this reason, the Meridian sources their seafood directly from local harvesters and receives daily deliveries by boat to ensure the highest quality possible. Having grown up on the Cape, I like to think I understand what makes it a special place and it was important to me to capture the approachability Cape Cod offers as a family-friendly tourist destination. While discussing strategy and positioning with the client, I had started sourcing vintage nautical maps of Cape Cod at antique stores with the intention of sampling colors and replicating typographic elements to reflect the area's deep-rooted maritime history. We then crafted an illustration style that felt warm, welcoming and youthful to accompany the more structured elements. We felt the results perfectly capture the essence of summertime on the Cape, highlighting the area's warmth and heritage in a refined way.

Design Role

Brand Design Lead, Creative Director


Strategy, Positioning, Custom Typography, Branding, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Illustration


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