Emotionally driven, thoughtfully crafted

My humanistic approach to design focuses on balancing playful humor and personality with elements of storytelling and layered symbolism. I want my work to look like a person made it rather than a machine because I find precision in design often lacks emotion and charm. This mindset helps me create thoughtfully executed identity systems for modern brands that actually resonate and evoke genuine emotion in consumers. My diverse experience, extensive studio art education and ability to solve complex problems quickly have crafted me into the versatile, confident designer I am today.

With a professional design career spanning more than a decade, I've had the opportunity of collaborating with over 30 renowned studios, agencies, and in-house design teams, contributing to the success of some of the world's largest and most iconic brands including:

Design Strengths

Identity & Strategy
Custom Typography
Logo Design
Product Design
Iconography Sets
Print & Posters
Digital Collage
Art Direction
Creative Consulting
Licensing Art
Brand Development

Other Interests

My Family
Old Whiskey
Plants & Cacti
Indoor Rowing
Ancient Egypt
Sci-fi Movies
Home Brewing
Dragon Ball Z
Video Games
BMX & Action Sports

Whale Logo Inspiration

I noticed ever since I started to pursue design as a career in 2011, all my sketchbooks from school were full of these chubby whale drawings. When branding himself, I knew I wanted my logo to be approachable, friendly and memorable. Something that showcased my personality a bit and reflected my history of growing up on Cape Cod. Branding yourself is extremely stressful but this little guy hit all my requirements and even has a “C” for a tail. Most importantly, he made me smile every time I looked at him. His name is Moby Thicc™

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