Quigley Farms

Tom and Sue Quigley understand the satisfaction that a true farm to table experience can bring to restaurant guests. Both classically trained French chefs who fell in love working in the same kitchen, the couple have since shifted their passion from cooking to agriculture and have been dedicated to supplying local restaurants around New England since 1994 with the highest quality dairy, produce and berries possible. Quigley's main logotype was designed with purposeful deformities in order to reflect the imperfections found in organic produce. When you pull a carrot out of the ground, they are bent, crooked and often have lumps so it was important to me to add these elements into the branding to make design elements seem purposefully imperfect. We chose a blackletter typeface for their main logotype because the couple both specialize in Western European cuisine and blackletter originated in this region during the middle ages. In the end, I feel we successfully captured the charm of rustic, road-side farmers markets in their area and the couple's rich culinary history.

Design Role

Creative Director, Brand Designer


Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Illustration, Advertising, Copywriting


Agriculture, Food & Beverage
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