Helix Brewing Co.

Helix is an experimental brewery, art gallery and creative space located in Austin, TX. It started as a way to combine one veteran's two passions, fine art and good beer, together into one entity. Years later, their unique approach to integrating elements of digital mixed media and fine art with craft beer culture have developed quite a cult following in Austin and it's surrounding cities. Originally, the client did not want their decorated military history included in the branding but I felt that it was important to also have the helix represent the two sides of his personalities coming together. One side, his structured military upbringing, the other being his newfound artistic liberation. This concept of contrasting passions and personalities is reflected throughout the entire brand system. It's part of the can design where the information is structured and the art is more free-flowing/expressive. I didn't want this brewery to be overtly military branded so I tried to incorporate elements of his service into smaller details. For example, Helix’s colors choices were inspired by uniforms/camouflage, WWII propaganda posters etc. and the typography was inspired by vintage military MRE’s (Meal, Ready-to-Eat).

Design Role

Creative Director, Brand Design Lead


Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Digital Collage, Advertising, Copywriting


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